shady island.

Just a quick note, I work down at Steveston Village (fishing/quiant tourist area) and right when I got off shift, I noticed tons of little girls and mother everywhere. So curiously, I followed to crowd of people and realized that Zac Efron (in the white crew neck) was there filming a movie in a restaurant called Shady Island. Sadly, my camera didn't get back from the shop, so I only had my phone camera on me, but I saw him across the street, and then again when he was in a car lol. My friend and I were walking along away from the hoards of screaming children, and his car passed by so we decided to wave, thinking that he wouldn't have seen, but HE DID lol. And waved back. All in all, I very random and sporadic day of spotting a celebrity HAHA. Lainey (Vancouver-based-wannabe-Perez-Hilton-whom-I-hate-with-a-passion) ain't got shit on that.

That guy in the red beater was super funny because all the little girls knew his name since he was one of the PR crews that held back the screaming fans (me not included because I'm not crazy). Little girls (ages below 10) were all screaming for him trying to get details, and some were hugging/tugging on his shirt/body LOL. And I know as a fact that he secretly LOVED it lol.

Too bad Zac Efron didn't do a signing or anything, it would have been nice since there weren't that many people there, 35 at most, so he COULD have signed a few autographs since some of the girls were actually carrying glossy prints of him in hopes of a signing...


Eva Internazionale said...

That's a kickass story. :D

simply.steph said...

That's some random awesome excitement. In toronto, once in a while there's some celeb filming, and I never know what to do when I run into one(not like it happens like everyday though). I mean like I totally want to ask for a picture, just because. But I feel like I might be invading their privacy, so usually vouch against.