jacket wilfred. shirt thrifted / kain. jeans bdg cigarettes. shoes kimchi blue. bag zara.

The bag's somewhat new. A good alternative to the Wang for way cheap.
It's PU so I can use it for school and what not.

And if anyone's bored and has nothing to do, go watch these tv shows that I've been addicted to lately:
• Defying Gravity
• FlashForward
• Cougar Town


Fashion Nicotine said...

Nice outfit, love your bag!!

Signe said...

Great outfit, I just bought the same bag last week, but one of the studs have already fallen off :/

Susanna-Cole said...

Fantastic studded bag, and I love the plaid shirt you're wearing underneath! I've been in love with plaid shirts since I was about 6, and I'm still not sick of it! :)