shirt - talula / skirt - aa / bag - h&m

It's that time of the year again. A yearly tradition that brings all sorts of people out onto the beach. What is it though? The Celebration of Lights (aka FIREWORKS)! Yay! Lol, basically it's a fireworks competition where countries put on a 30 MIN show of fireworks with music. I haven't been to them for two years, but I decided that it was finally time to endure the craziness. The only trouble about them is that it's always super crowded and you always get flustered from bringing a whole bunch of crap, and then packing up super quickly in order to leave the beach early enough before the mobs of people start. But in all, it's pretty fun depending on the groups of people you go with. It was Canada's turn and the theme was the Wizard Of Oz. I only took a few pictures cause someone's head was in the way (note that one head in the photos lol).

But anyway, here's what's on my buying list right now...

1. Grey Blazer
Love the black lapels and sleeve lining. I see imagine this being a very popular staple item once I get it!
2. Pocket Tee
Very Kain-esque. Love all the semi-sheer materials lately because it's just so damn hot.
3. Sequined Blazer
Great for the nightlife. I don't know if I'd actually follow through and rock this.
4. Dyed Grey Skinnys
I'm so into the whole black/white tie-dye effect right now.
5. Chain Studded Purse
Verrrrry Thomas Wylde inspired and this is the next best thing since I highly doubt I'd be able to afford a real one in the next two years haha.

So I just finished watching the few episodes of 10 Thing I Hate About You (the TV Show, not the movie) and it's actually pretty addicting. Plus, I love Lindsey Shaw (the girl who played Moze on Ned's Declassified - yes I watch the Family Channel) and Ethan Peck (the guy who plays Patrick Verona) is totally hot especially his voice *melts* which is so deep and alluring haha.

The most recent episode featured songs by this new artist, The Filthy Souls, a band from Manchester. This one song they played got me hooked :)

Listen HERE. I'm in love with California Save Me.

(Sorry guys my music uploader place isn't working with me :(
anybody have alternative websites?)


I'm also super in love with this song right now


Clara said...

great influences!
love your bag!


Domennie said...

I love the H&m bag, very edgy! did you recently buy the h&m bag?

style crusader said...

you should definitely get that sequin blazer, its so awesome! and i'm sure you could pull it off!


Domennie said...

hey thanks for the tip:), i will definitely dropped by in one of their stores in T.o to see if they might still have it..