So who got there postcards in the mail?
I DID! Muahahahha.
But seriously, I was really scared that I wasn't going to get it, vigorously checking the mailbox everyday, which is something that I never do haha. Feeling sad and down because it didn't show up (and knowing that I would miss all the awesome finds), my mom comes into my room and gives me the postcard, saying that its been sitting on the foyer table for a few days -.-

And here's what I got so far. I only hit the Aritzia most closest to where I live and they don't really carry that much stuff, so I only got a semi-sheer pocket tee (Alexander Wang inspired)...

...and a charcoal cardigan with black pyramid stud buttons! I also really love the pockets on it as well!

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Rumi said...

Ooh I love the buttons on that cardigan! The bracelet that you asked about is by Noir :)