Sooo I've been super busy and haven't posted anything in a LONG while. My bad.
But all you shoppers out there that live in BC, you're in luck :)

September 3 8am to 8pm
September 4 8am to 8pm
September 5 10am to 6pm
September 6 11am to 6pm
September 7 11am to 6pm

- bring a side bag or crossbody bag. big purses usually have to be checked in the front.
- wear something with pockets so you can easily carry your wallet/cell phone
- grab everything that you're interested in and hug onto them like your life depends on it, because usually people like to grab at other people's thing if they're desperate.
- it's a communal changing room so if you're shy, wear some boy shorts, or a skirt/long shirt in order to try on clothes with ease.
- also watch out for your OWN clothes, especially if it's denim, because there have been many incidents where people have lost there jeans because somebody has taken them thinking that they were part of the sale.
- if you have a boyfriend going with you, he can be used as a home base to guard all your clothes. lol.
- watch out for new racks coming in from the back, they usually either hold refills or new things not on the floor yet.
- bring cash because they might give you an extra 10% off your purchase, although they didn't do that last year.

Have Fun!

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