pocket tee dress - bdg / belt - vintage moschino / shoes - nine west

Sooo I've just come back from a really great concert! I promise to post pics of that tomorrow, since my camera's on the fritz and I have to wait for it to charge before I can import the pictures off my camera. Ugh. But yes, it was a really good concert! The kind that gives you a little adrenaline kick at the end, and you're all giddy afterwards lol. I'm not going to spoil the surprise but I'll give you a hint at who I saw...

The how I can't recall
But I'm staring at what once was the wall
Separating east and west
Now they meet amidst the broad daylight"

Answers anyone?

Anyway, here's some things I'm really liking right now!

clockwise from top left
Stingray Baby Spike Bracelet
Skeleton Shell Spike Necklace
Twisted Snake Bracelet
Rose Gold Wide Retro Bracelet

Hopefully I can find something similar to those pieces in the near future, since I'm totally not up to spending around $600+ on one piece alone lol. Although I wish it were possible...

BTW, I'll be doing a little DIY in the near future.
Inspired by crazy shoe jewellery via Litter SF.

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Michelle Yue said...

god that rose gold cuff is freaking gorgeous...