olympic fever.

Really busy with midterms and resting from the EPICNESS of the Olympics so I'll leave you all with what I looked like everyday and I'll update later after school work is done with! Great job CANADA

Miga's my bff :) We even have matching gloves!

PS. the ziptrek and the Royal Mint are still open during the Paralympics, so if you didn't have the time to go, CHECK IT OUT! Hopefully the lines won't be as long!


The beautiful torch on a sunny day in Vancouver.

Mother Mother @ Livecity Yaletown before heading to Gossip for LMFAO.

LMFAO. A whole bunch of girls got up on stage to dance and Redfoo & Sky Blu actually got two girls to flash their boobs...multiple times. LOL I could just feel the morning after regrets...

Benny Benassi. Crazy good times!

Sam Roberts @ Yaletown

Billy Talent @ BC Place for the Victory Ceremony

Wintersleep @ Yaletown. There weren't that many people there since it was pretty rainy. Umbrellas are a must when living here haha.

It was truely a great experience meeting and seeing everyone from around the world! Now it's got me psyched into going to the games in London and/or Russia.


bowsnhearts said...

Woot! I have been watching the winter olympics on TV the past 2 weeks or so.

Did you go to the actual winter olympics? It would be so cool...I have never been to a major sporting event before!

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing
love the blog, keep it up
and thanks for the sweet comments, means the world