Jericho Beach!

It's been SOOO HOT recently
like unbearably hot that I sleep with a fan in my face.
but on the up side I got to chill and tan at the beach :)
AND no day is every complete without a purchase lol.
aka stopping on West 4th to get frozen yogurt but really just going there to shop.
just when we were ready to leave, we hopped into Moule
they had 25% off all denim, so I snagged

William Rast Jerri Ultra Skinnys!

they're pretty good fit, the only bad thing is that its a dark wash, so I literally sit on a towel in the car so that it doesn't transfer onto the leather seats haha. And since I felt so icky and sweaty from extreme heat exposure I didn't take a outfit pic lol. But here were my accessories!

bag - mbmj / sunglasses - fendi

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